2022 Office Supplies – Relaunching soon!

By Lola | January 6, 2022

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Hi Dear Friends,

Thanks so much for supporting Office Supplies Comics over the years and I’m excited to be reviving the strip again in some form in 2022!

Looking forward to sharing more shenanigans that happen in the supply cabinet and cubicles with you. Check out the categories on the right sidebar to view existing strips.

In the meantime, I always love your feedback at lola [AT] officesuppliescomic [DOT] com.

The Squad will be back soon!

Newly Designed OSC 2.0

By Lola | November 11, 2009

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MugShotAs you’ve noticed, Office Supplies – The Comic(c) has gotten a much needed face-lift and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming starting tomorrow with strips centered around the cubicle lifestyle.

In the works are a swag store where you can purchase “deranged mug” t-shirts and more.

Another announcement will be made once the store is up and running.

We’ve also got some advertising space available for interested parties.

Really excited about being able to relaunch the new layout and bring the characters back to life. You can follow new posts by subscribing to our RSS feed below or following our Twitter page.

Subscribe to our feed – https://www.officesuppliescomic.com/feed

Follow us on Twitter – http://twitter.com/OfficeSuppliesC

Major Redesign in Progress

By Lola | September 18, 2009

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Introducing Office Supplies(c)

By Lola | February 20, 2007

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Welcome to the official launch of Office Supplies (c) – A comic strip centered around everyday items used in the office.

Office Supplies(c) was a concept I came up with at least 5-6 years ago and I have been working on strips for years. Now, 2007 is the year to share them with the public and hopefully publish them in hard form as well.

Comments and feedback with be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

New strips will be posted weekly

Lola Akinmade